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May 2, 2008



Oh, dear...

Fri May 2, 2008, 10:29 PM
Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans; it's lovely to be silly at the right moment



Oh, well.  Horace approves, so here goes.

I've been tagged to give eight facts about myself.  I'll oblige only this far but I won't tag anybody else.  Many people will already know the first one, but there we are...

1. My username Himmapaan is the name of a forest in Thai mythology.  You'll probably find it more commonly spelt as 'Himmapan', but I find this insufficient as the last syllable will then be read to rhyme with 'can', which isn't right.  It's a long 'ah' vowel sound (rhymes with 'Khan', as in Gengis Khan, for instance), hence my choice of the double 'a'.

2. My name Niroot is derived from a word of three syllables,  'Nirutti', meaning 'Linguist'.  A Thai linguistic symbol called a Karand is placed above the last syllable to render it silent in the original Thai spelling, as it's considered more pleasant as a name, thus we have Niroot.  I probably could have spelt it phonetically as 'Nirút', as the syllables are short, but I didn't want to confuse further with accents, so a compromise was reached.  

3. My maternal grandmother was a Lanna princess.  The northern provinces of Thailand were once a seperate kingdom called Lanna ('One million rice fields' ), with their own Governors and ruling Princes (or kings, depending on how one defines the terminology) until it was fully annexed by Siam in the late 19th century to become Thailand as we know it today.  My ancestors on my mother's side included those princes who once governed Lanna. The north is still occasionally called Lanna today in acknowledgement of its history, but it has no administrative power of its own.  

Just a very, very potted history for you to give this fact some background. ^^;

4. I spent a very brief period as a novice in a temple as part of the Theravada Buddhist custom when my grandmother died.  I did think (and do still, occasionally) of entering a monastery at some point for a longer period.  But I worry about missing art... :blushes:  Plus there are other attachments besides that I cannot help thinking of, though it makes me sad...

5. I am running out of interesting facts. :XD:   (There are more name facts, but you are already bored to tears, so I'll leave them.)

6. I am unhappy.

7. My heart is broken (Okay, this begins to get too personal).

8. Finally, here is a picture (oh, horror, what am I thinking?) of me.  Note it happens to be a flattering picture which mercifully doesn't show all the acne scars.  I'll remove the link eventually.…

And to save this entry from complete vacuity, a progress picture

(Last edited on 12th May. I've been posting a new in-progress image at each significant stage of this illustration, here they are now altogether as links:…………

Finally, here is a bad photograph of the finished piece; it will be submitted properly when a copy has been sent to my friend for scanning):


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DojiArai Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
An Artist, a Monk, a Prince, a Scholar, Literature Lover, Art Lover and a Linguist... - Matchmaker's Dream you truly are, Niroot!
Plus - you're Asian which makes you an Dream-Come-True for one of my friends :fuzzydemon:

Your art shows that you must be an unusual person - I just wondered what kind of unique-ness is your kind :) And you prove to be as romantic, magical and misty as your beautiful pictures.

As for the facts...
I sometimes felt like hiding behind the monastery walls to think, get some inner calm, find a new way perhaps? I always thought that it could be a good way to know myself.
But life proved me that I can do it living outside, and that - most probably - monastery life wouldn't give me half of the thongs I would want it to...

Why would you want to spend more time as a monk? What do you seek?
Himmapaan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh, alas, I'm afraid you credit me with more than I actually am! :giggle:

I am not a prince - though my grandmother was a princess, my grandfather is a farmer's son (our family history on my mother's side does occasionally read like a novel), and he was in fact, her third husband. :giggle: Besides, the royal Lanna blood had became rather thin by the time it reached us. :XD:

I was the merest novice (I was a child then) and the time spent in the temple was exceedingly brief - about a week or so. It was part of our funerary custom, but I do consider it as significant.

And although I love languages and wish so much to learn to speak many more, I can only speak Thai, English and the Muang dialect of northern Thailand fluently. I know a few words in french, German and Italian, but that is all. I'm a 'linguist' only insofar as my fascination with languages is true, but I make a very poor practical one.

I'm afraid to say, however much of a cliché it is, that these so called artistic talents come at a price - as it has done for so many artists in history - not, indeed, that I claim to be anything remotely comparable to any of them. I am not happy - and it is a long and complex story; but all that hope for now is some peace, quite simply.

We need a sad smile emoticon...
DojiArai Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
They say that modesty is a virtue :fuzzydemon:

I always believed that being noble is much more a matter of personality then blood - be it thin as may be. Plus - a long and interesting family history makes you more of a prince then any of the people I know personally.
It's always nice to have such roots - no matter how distant family it was or how much distant from royality you may feel. It's a legend - part of your story, part of you. And it is in your blood - perhaps sleeping, but undeniable.

Even a merest novice can do much and get very very far in gaining knowledge ;) Each journey starts with a first step - it's your choice where will it bring you to...
Since this brief period of time was significant, it makes you a monk (for a week perhaps, but a monk indeed :P ).

You sure are pretty young - there's so much time you've got to learn more languages ;) Don't loose faith, dear Niroot! Nobody gets knowledge by accident. And noone is born speaking sixteen languages ;)

If you know at least one person who didn't have to learn slowly and sometimes painfully to achieve mastery in any skill - show me the lucku person, for I should bow to him/her and serve her as a merest servant. Talent is something that makes one learn skills faster and easier, the skills though must be learned by everyone - with no exeptions...
I just look at your work and can imagine time and work it consumes. That does not make me adore it less or to be in a total awe of your incredible ( and I mean it! ) possibilities :clap::clap::clap:

And at the end - for I propably bored you beyond any decent limit...
Happiness is not a state to last... There are moments one can call himself happy, then there are moments he may call himself not unhappy. I hope that you will get the happiness you deserve and will cherish it as long as it would last. And be able to wait till next time ;)

Sad smiles are the sweetest ones...
Himmapaan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I couldn't agree more with all that you said, for which I do thank you again. I was simply cautious about people too kindly attributing more to me than was suitable. :giggle:

If there is one thing I can claim without reservation, it's that I have always worked hard. All my family has. So I do appreciate enormously your acknowledgement in that respect. I'm conscious too of the impression many people may have of some kind of privelege which they imagine I may have been accustomed to. The truth is entirely different. None of us has ever had any money, not even my grandmother. We have all had our fair share of hardships, particularly since moving here to the UK. Even now, I share this dingy council apartment and its bills in this run-down council estate with my mother and sister, and I shall probably never own a better place myself. Or at least, not for many, many years yet.

I love and treasure my family heritage and would not wish it to have been different, but likewise, I have always been of the firm belief that nobility is indeed more to do with character than anything else.

I have no illusions about happiness nor ever did. And in this regard at least I will muster up just enough impudence to beg nobody to imagine me to be some angst-ridden, discontented youth such as one often meets with. :) Not unhappy would be a wonderful state if I could even aspire to it. But as I said, the story is a slightly complex one, and all I wish for now is some peace.
DojiArai Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that the attributes I was talking about are more about who you are than what you do. It's more a state of mind I think - we all have the seeds of many possibilities inside and our choices on the way make some seeds grow and bloom, while the others stay asleep.

The work.
The hard work...
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt...
I think that only when you are realize that you have what you worked for, can make you actually feel the value of what you have (am I making sense or is it too late to think?).
And I am sure that being proud of your work doesn't make you vain, but self-conscious.

I wish you peace then. I hope you'll get it, for I believe you do deserve that :manhug:
undead-faery Featured By Owner May 16, 2008
I'm totally loving all the background info in your names!!!! It's pretty awesome to have such stories behind them. And it's fun to read :)

And even from that photo, your picture is absolutely mind-blowing :aww:
Himmapaan Featured By Owner May 17, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!
GrendelDemon Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
sorry for cluttering up your journal with all of my thoughts, but i was reading your conversation with krysohmyz and I was wondering if you were setting your updated pictures to be "significant changes", alerting your friends to the new pic, because i haven't had anything pop up in my deviations from you in some time.
additionally, I'm not sher if im just blind but the version of this pic in your gallery looks to be the same as when i first saw it, so I'm confused.

P.S. i have bin up for approximately 26 hours right now so i might be rambling, sorry, just wonted you to know i was paying atension to your magnifacent art, and now for some sleep =D
Himmapaan Featured By Owner May 11, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Not at all, don't apologise!

Hehe, I'd been replacing the picture at each significant progress on it, but without actually notifying watchers, as it wasn't that important (THAT would be clogging up people's message centres unnecessarily), so you'd only notice the changes if you come back to revisit my front page regularly. I don't expect people to, of course. I just wondered if anybody did or noticed. :D

I'll take you through the stages again, shall I? :D

This was the very first image I posted with this journal entry:

And finally, I've now posted the finished piece. :D
GrendelDemon Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
ow wow, that's awesome :wow:
i hadn't gone to your front page in a while because i usually went threw other channels, like you journal, to get to your site >_<
now i know =D

P.S. how do you put links to a picture into a message like you just did with those progressions, i know how to do this :icongrendeldemon: but i haven't learned how to link to a specific image yet :doh:

if you have the time, i always appreciate new knowledge entering my brain =D
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