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July 8, 2008
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Binding: The Red Fairy Book by Himmapaan Binding: The Red Fairy Book by Himmapaan
The binding of The Red Fairy Book [link] , The Folio Society, 2008 [link]).

Once again, the gold blocking is better seen in real life, which is a slight pity here, since there is rather a lot of it. I had to produce the artwork for this in seperations, so each colour (including the black line) was done seperately, in black ink (which meant I had to imagine what the colours will look like, though obviously I had a colour rough planned out first), and on a sheet of its own. All the layers then had to register and match correctly. The blocking naturally results in a little 'spreading' of the colours, so the lines are thicker than I'd like them to be, but there we are...

Buckram, blocked in three colours and gold with my original design.

The spine: [link]

The endpapers: [link]

The title page: [link]

Copyright Niroot Puttapipat and The Folio Society, 2008.
Please do not reproduce without permission. Thank you.
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Beautiful and elegant !

I am happy to find this artwork ,

I would like to find thls book !
This is one of the most beautiful books on my shelf. I love red cloth & gilt pictorial bindings anyway, but this is simply outstanding. Happy to find you on DeviantArt.
Himmapaan May 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!
13-Zer0 Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist
oh my god.
For two years now, since I saw this book in a friend's library, I have wondered who the artist is, because I was instantly enchanted by this beautiful cover illustration.
To find your work here on dA is an absolute joy!
Please excuse me while I +fav half your gallery, and add you to my watch list :heart:
Isn't this book avaliable/avaliable in England any more? The link doesn't work for me now...
I do hope it's still possible for me to get.
Himmapaan Sep 25, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
I've learned that it's sold out, I'm afraid. :( Perhaps someone might have a copy they want to sell at some point, however...
Aww, I'm sorry to hear that...
I'll just have to keep an eye out then, thanks =3
I love the details, everything is so pretty.
Velasa Jan 15, 2009   Traditional Artist
So am I crazy or was this hand printed? Either way it's really extremely gorgeous. I can't find the words to say it.
Himmapaan Jan 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
It was blocked by the publisher (more precisely, it was sent by the publisher to Lachenmaier, Reulingen, Germany to be blocked) from my design.
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